“To provide superlative coaching and foster the best possible learning environment indoors, on the beach, or grass. To teach our family of athletes the fundamentals of the game of volleyball, and cultivate the desire in each to compete at the highest level.  We want our athletes to develop the work ethic and discipline it takes to be an elite athlete, along with the importance of sportsmanship. We want to create complete athletes on the court, and even better people off the court.” Aloha

At DaKine Volleyball Club, our coaching staff is focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game of volleyball. With our Directors Ariana and Chris Hannemann leading and guiding the process, you can be assured that you will be receiving coaching that is specifically geared to the game from the most experienced coaches in the Northwest.

DaKine Volleyball Club strives to provide our athletes the skills to compete at the highest level. Our focus is on providing avenues for volleyball athletes to excel to their fullest ability. We offer both indoor and beach programs that cater to athletes who are just beginning all the way through to athletes who are competing at the highest levels Nationally.

At tryouts, DaKine will present a tuition cost per player for the season.  The tuition cost will cover the coaches’ pay, court rental and equipment fees, uniforms, tournament fees, and shared administration costs.

Parents and players will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from tournaments and hotel accommodations.

Once a player and her parents (or financially responsible party) have decided to play for DaKine, they will be required to either;

  1.  make a lump sum payment for the entire tuition cost or
  2.  make an initial deposit (which will be approximately 5% of the team cost) and provide a credit card for us to have on file to deduct six (6) equal monthly fixed payments for the remainder of the tuition.

Practice schedules will be dependent upon the team that each athlete participates with. Each squad will have two team practices per week and we will be working out on the sand one day a week for all teams for strength and conditioning.

Teams will attend tournaments based upon ability and availability. Our Elite Teams will compete in travel and local tournaments as well as our local Puget Sound Region Power League.

When players have a schedule conflict regarding practices and tournaments, there are channels in place for players to communicate with their coaches. Generally, all athletes are expected to make every effort to attend every practice and tournament.

If a player must miss practice, a telephone call (not email) to their respective coaches is mandatory, at least 4 hours before practice. Only after attempting and failing to reach a coach, can a player contact a teammate to pass the word along to the coaches. Whatever the reason, if an athlete misses practice, her playing time may be affected.

If a player must miss a tournament, their coach must be notified 2 weeks prior, so that team preparation for the tournament can be made. Whatever the reason, if an athlete misses a tournament, his or her playing time may be affected in future tournaments.

It is expected that each player, parent, and coach will always conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to and respect for themselves, their families, coaches, teammates and to DaKine.

These are the communication steps in place that our players, parents, and coaches must follow whenever there is a conflict:

  • If the issue is between players; then the players involved should try to resolve first.
  • If the issue remains unresolved or involves a coach‐to‐player, then the player should address their concern with their respective coach first.
  • If the issue remains unresolved, then the player and parents should make an appointment to speak with the coach. Any such meeting should be made outside of tournament and practice times.
  • If the issue remains unresolved then player and parents should make an appointment to speak with our club directors, Chris or Ariana Hannemann. Any such meeting should be made outside of tournament and practice times.

It is our expectation that the parent and player chooses DaKine for the quality coaching that is provided. Generally, after players are evaluated at practices, coaches will mainly play those players that best fit into their strategy for upcoming matches. Outside of practices or tournaments, coaches will be more than happy to schedule a time to discuss any issues regarding playing time. If the issue remains unresolved, then the player, parents and coaches should schedule a meeting with Club Director.

At no time should any parent approach a coach about playing time during competition. Coaches may speak with parents regarding playing time 24 hours after competition.

Parents may wonder what DaKine’s policy is on coaches coaching their own children. Many of our coaches have coached their own children in club volleyball, and have been very successful at separating their personal lives from their coaching interactions. If a player/parent/coach sees a conflict regarding this issue, they are encouraged to discuss it with Chris or Ariana Hannemann.

Our Directors are very knowledgable and have extensive recruiting experience in the indoor and beach volleyball communities, and communicate with college coaches all over the Northwest, as well as nationally. DaKine offers a recruiting handbook as a tool to help you navigate the recruiting process. Parents and players may contact Club Director for more information.

DaKine coaches believe in a culture of “playing for one another” and our focus is on developing fully rounded athletes and people. Our goal is not only to provide our DaKine athletes the skills to compete indoor and on the beach but also to help develop skills that will help our players become successful in other endeavors in their lives.