The recent surge throughout the US can certainly be attributed to the NCAA approving Women’s beach volleyball as an official championship sport starting in 2016! What this means now, is that junior girls across the country are discovering how much fun the Beach game is to play, and the opportunities RIGHT NOW for Women’s scholarships is off the charts!

Everyone is on an even playing field, beach volleyball is a very difficult game to master, often taking years and years of diligent practice and competition can one even start to think playing professionally. What you can do RIGHT NOW, is get the best training that is so difficult to find anywhere…

Beach volleyball is a very different game than indoor, but much the same none the less… Every single beach volleyball team that competes is only as good as that team’s weakest link. Same as indoor you might think, right? WRONG! Indoor, you have a specific setter, liberos and defensive specialists to pass, play defense, and serve…  It is a very specialized game, which is completely different than beach.  To play sand volleyball, each player has to be proficient in passing and I am not talking about over hand passing a serve that is so prevalent with the indoor game… Moreover, if you desire to be the blocker on the sand, you better learn how to pass a beach jump serve in the elements, how to transition set coming off your block in a fraction of a second, and then you need to be able to control where and what your opponent can do with any set she is working with etc.  Those are just a few of the responsibilities the typical indoor big blocker has never had to deal with, and just a few the sand blocker absolutely MUST become a master of!

Dakine Beach Volleyball Camps can teach all the skills needed to thrive and succeed on the beach.   We feel we have put together a program second to none in the country, much less the Northwest. Through our relationships with college coaches and tours, if you want your talents to be seen, we will get you in front of college coaches to show off your game!