Great job everyone that participated in the BCVA tournament this past weekend. It’s time to get back to the grind of continuing to get better. Everyone should have a long list of things they would love to work on, make sure you communicate these things to your coaches at practices. We really care about you girls and your progress. Some things I found that helped me.

1. Study video – If you have your video of yourself please study which areas you could improve on. YouTube and Facebook have tons of Professional matches you can watch and study. Watch the stuff that you can improve on like chips, passing, setting, and serve receive.

2. Focus on nutrition – Work out, eat right and be happy. The results will be amazing.

3. Teach – Help your fellow Dakine Ohana out. If you notice someone having problems with certain parts of their game don’t be afraid to tell them some things that helped you when you were struggling.

4. Homework – Aim for getting about 100-200 self-handsets a night. We want to see more butter hand sets!! 🙂

Anyways great job everyone and excited to see you guys back to work next week and a couple of you guys tomorrow.