When talking “Vollyeball IQ”, Coaches are looking for players that understand the overall ebb and flow of the game. When the chips are down and a broken play winds up on your lap, will you panic or come through and do the right thing unconsciously?  Will you panic and poke the ball over the net because you don’t posses the ball control skills needed to confidently bump or hand set that broken play up for a strong side out swing???  Playing Beach/Sand requires you to master ALL SKILLS of the game!  On the BeachSand, there is no one coming in to serve, block or to set for you… Not only must you do it all, but you must learn how to make your partner the best player he or she can be through your understanding of where the ball needs to be at any given time.  Not to mention where to be on defense through anticipation, whether or not to block or pull, all these things make up your VOLLEYBALL IQ!  We believe that one of the best ways to improve your indoor volleyball IQ is to play hours and hours on the sand! We aren’t the only ones who subscribe to this theory.  Top coaches around the globe support this theory, and we can help you develop into a “Go To” player on the hard court and sand!