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Vance Kalingo

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    Vance Kalingo is the current Program Director and 2nd year Head Coach at Bellevue High School.  Coach Vance comes to Club DaKine from the island beaches of Oahu, Hawaii.  Excelling as a football and basketball athlete in High School, Vance was introduced to the sport of beach volleyball in his mid-20’s both competing on the California circuits on the beaches of Laguna Beach, CA.

    Coach Vance began his coaching career serving as both assistant and head coach at the Washington Volleyball Academy for three years, and a varsity assistant coach at Bellevue High prior to taking the role of Head Coach.  Right alongside his first year coaching staff, Vance led the Lady Wolverines of Bellevue to an unbelievable 2016 season, clinching their 2nd 3A State tournament berth in school history, recording BHS’s first state tournament win and coming two points shy of making the Final Four, taking 6th place in State.

    Coach Vance was a Business Finance major at the University of Hawaii and works in the insurance industry.  He currently resides in Bellevue and loves spending time with friends, loved ones and traveling.  Vance is looking forward to a new chapter in club coaching with DaKine where he can learn and grow as a coach, work in harmony with the support and Aloha of fellow coaches, and most and foremost, making a positive, lasting impact on the lives of our athletes.

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