Welcome to the U15 Surf 2 Parent Page. Please be sure to use the checklist you received to help you ensure that you finalize all the pieces required for your player to be eligible to play.

Financial Responsibility

This year we have gone back to one flat fee for the entire season for all teams. All team fees include uniform, practice, tournament and Nationals fees. All Surf 1 and Surf 2 teams will be attending Nationals. We hope that this will be at USA Volleyball Nationals but there is a possibility that this will be AAU Nationals in Florida.

Team fees do not include travel, hotel or other accommodation costs.

Tentative Travel Schedule

January 14/15/16 Matt Hartner – Eugene OR

January 22 – U15 Seeding Day

February 5 – U15 Power League #1

February 18/19/20 – Presidents Day Tourney – Local

February 26 – U15 Power League #2

March 25 – U15 Power League #3

March 31, April 1/2 – Pacific NW Qualifier

April 14/15/16 – Salt Lake City Showdown

April 23 – U15 Power League #4

April 29/30 – Puget Sound Regionals – Centralia

June 2/3/4 – West Coast Invitational –

June 28/29/30, July 1 – USA Volleyball Nationals – Chicago, IL