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FAQ for Indoor Club Season

DaKine’s National Travel Teams are named Surf, Ohana & Lokahi. Surf & Ohana teams practice at DaKine Sports Center, and the Lokahi National teams practice in the Bellevue, Crossroads neighborhood at The Jewish Day School. These teams compete in the local power league, with many of the Surf teams competing in the Platinum Power League; as well as national qualifiers across the country.

U12 & 13 Shaka are introductory club programs, built for first time club players. U12 & 13 Shaka teams have only one practice a week, and only participate in the local power league tournaments.

Indoor club season practices begin the first week of December, with competition starting in January. Competition season runs through the end of May for most teams, with the exception of the  12 & 13 Shaka Teams, which will wrap up the end of April; and the Surf/Ohana/Lokahi/Shaka Travel teams that earn bids to Nationals.

Be sure to review the AGE DEFINITIONS, to ensure you’re registering your athlete for the appropriate age group. At DaKine, we encourage athletes to play in their age groups (exception are up to coaches discretion).

Please have the following paperwork completed for tryouts:




Players will run through a variety of drills and some scrimmage play to evaluate their current skill set. These will be very common drills, with straight forward objectives. Players should arrive wearing athletic attire, with appropriate court, gym shoes.

The USAV Puget Sound Region determines the dates we are allowed to have tryouts; no tryouts can be held prior to the date given, and no offers or letters of commitment can be made until that specific date.

If you are unable to attend our tryouts, but would like to be considered for the team, you’ll still want to register and complete the necessary paperwork to be eligible to be selected. Registering will ensure you’re on our list of possible candidates; be sure to leave a registration note indicating you will not be in physical attendance. You may be contacted later in the week with an offer.

In order for us to consider your athlete for the team, we need to get some court time with them to evaluate them. Please consider attending one of our open gym scrimmages or club prep clinics so we can get to know you, and you can meet some of our coaching staff.

Following the tryout assessments, we will contact every player via email with placements. We will also contact you if you did not make a team, and communicate alternative training options for the winter. Some offers will be sent immediately after the 9am evaluation, the rest will be sent following the 5:30pm evaluation; expect to receive those by 9pm.

DaKine tuition includes all practice & coaching costs, the cost of team registration for tournaments and a full uniform package.

Tuition does not include travel expenses: airfare, hotels, dining, etc.

Tuition for each team will vary based on the number of tournaments and length of season. Tuition can be broken down into month payments, but requires having a credit card on file for monthly billing. Uniform packages will not be issued until deposits are processed.

We would love to have a roster spot for every athlete that comes through our gym, but unfortunately we are limited to how many athletes we can have join our teams this season. If your athlete does not make the team they hoped to, we do have a wonderful alternative for the winter- hit the beach!

Check out our Winter Beach Academy– there is no better way to develop your volleyball skills than training on the beach! With less players on the court, each athlete gets more reps per practice, allowing them to develop and improve their skills faster. Don’t get bogged down learning rotations, or stuck in one role or position on the team- learn how to do every skill with proficiency.

There are no cuts to join our Beach Academy, but rather a seeding day to evaluate your athlete’s current skill set and place them in the perfect training group for their optimal development and improvement.

U12 – U14 University Place Teams

Team Coaches Try Out Time
U12 Surf National Katie Carley Sat. Oct. 30th – 3pm
U13 Surf National Ariana Hannemann Sat. Oct. 30th – 12pm
U14 Surf National Robert Higashi Sat. Oct. 30th – 9am & 5:30pm
U14 Ohana National Tina Brooks Sat. Oct. 30th – 9am & 5:30pm

Bellevue Teams

Team Coaches Try Out Time
U13 Lokahi National TBD *Sat. Oct 30- 12pm (at DaKine)
U14 Lokahi National TBD  *Sat. Oct 30- 9am & 5:30pm (at DaKine)
U15 Lokahi National TBD Tue. Nov 30- 5:30pm (at JDS)
U16 Lokahi National Noah Cohen & Megan Kehoe Tue. Nov 30- 5:30pm (at JDS)

U15 – U18 University Place Teams

Team Coaches Try Out Time
U15 Surf National Kim Lok Mon. Nov. 29th- 4:30pm
U16 Surf National Joe Holland Mon. Nov. 29th- 7pm
U17 Surf National Michael Miller Tues. Nov. 30th- 4:30pm
U18 Surf National Greg Finel Tues. Nov. 30th- 7pm

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