DaKine is excited to announce we will be running small group shoulder strength and mobility training sessions this fall. Proper hitting mechanics are essential to a long term volleyball career and with a proper stretching and warm up routine, athletes can significantly decrease the risk of injury. Learning how to draw strength from the larger core and back muscles will help athletes increase the power behind their hits and serves.

Beach Head Coach David Smallwood will be brining his years of baseball pitching mechanics & routines to these workouts; blending them with the needs of volleyball, to help athletes create a solid warm up routine, stretching routine and strength development. Stability and mobility are key when hoping to add strength and power, but proper layering and mechanics are absolutely essential.

Training sessions will run for one hour, once a week, for a total of six weeks. The small group format allows for lots of one on one feedback and customization. Players will be given homework to complete throughout the week, layering in movements and stretches week by week.

Ohana Strong.