Seaside 2017. It was an incredible tournament for DaKine Volleyball Club! Our players excelled at every level and it was so exciting to see the improvements at every level.

I know I am missing many finishes! Players/parents please be sure to send me your finishes if you don’t see them on this list and I need to add them!

Congratulations to all of our DaKine family. We were so amazed and thrilled with how well we performed as a club. To all our players and families. THANK YOU for the time, effort and enthusiasm you have put into our beach family!

Can’t lie – I LOVE our parents and love that we had a Parent Spirit photo this tournament!!

12’s Gold- 2nd place, Ally Bush and Sophia Sheppard
14’s A GOLD- 3rd place, Chloe Yerex and Piper Ferch
14AA GOLD- 1st place, Avi and Aris Vetter
2nd place, Addie Denslow and Kambel Fiser
16A GOLD, 2nd Place Devyn Oestrich and Maeve Griffin
16AA GOLD, 1st Place Maia and Maddie Nichols
2nd Place, Maki Bispham and Pearl Moore
18A GOLD, 1st Place, Sam Johnson and Maddy Clark
2nd Place, Riley Borne and Claire Heilborn
18AA GOLD, 3rd place Hannah Yerex and Kennedy Croft