Sandy Sundays

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Sandy Sundays

  • Starts Sun. Sept. 10
  • Until Sun. Nov 5
  • 9am-12pm
  • $50/individual session

A Beach Fall Tradition

Sandy Sundays are back at Dakine!  The #1 juniors beach club in the NW never sleeps and never stops!
Sandy Sundays runs from September to the end of October.  Supplement your HS and Middle school indoor workouts with our expert drills in the sand that will make you quicker, stronger, and improve your VB IQ which is so important on the hard court.  Worried about fatigue?  During HS season we DON’T go heavy on medicine balls, sprints, or sand Veritmax etc…  Just heavy on ball control, offense, defense, strategy, featuring a ton of beach touches.  Get better, stay fresh, win games!
Sand compliments everything you do on the hardcourt!  Find out why Karch Kiraly and the top indoor Collegiate coaches in the country all recommend playing in the sand to compliment your indoor game.  Sand is the best and most forgiving training surface and done right, will improve every aspect of your indoor game.  Our coach to player ratio is typically 8 to 1…  We always strive to be the very best at what we do at Dakine.   See you in the sand!

Beach Coaching From Beach Professionals!

Come learn from our proven coaching staff on a National level. In 2021, Dakine Volleyball Club placed 3rd in the Nation in the BVCA Club Challenge National Championships and 4th in the Nation overall as a club in the AAU Beach Volleyball National Championships! We strive always to provide the absolute best coaching for our athletes and to provide them with the athletic and mental tools to be successful on the sand.

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