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Winter Beach Academy

  • December 6 through April 22
  • Mon & Wed 4:30-6:30pm or 6:30-8:30pm
  • Friday Scrimmage Practices 4:30-6:30pm
  • Ages 8 to 18 yrs old
  • All Levels Welcome- from Beginner to Advance
  • $2900 for the season

DaKine Regional Warriors

DaKine Beach Volleyball Academy is available to players of all levels and skills.  There are no “cuts” for players who want to play on our regional squad; but rather a seeding day, by age group, will be held to evaluate and assess each players current skill set, to place them in a training group of similar age and skilled athletes. These training groups are open to boys and girls, ages 8-18 years old.

Regional Warriors will practice three times a week, December through mid-April. All practices will begin with a dynamic warm up, followed by 45 minutes of ball control and technique training. The following 45 minutes are focused on strategic drills, using game like situations. The remainder of practices will be structured queen of the court scrimmaging, followed by 20 minutes of cardio & strength training. The third practice each week will be dedicated scrimmage play in the Queen of the Court format.

Our practices are designed to feed and fuel the complete athlete, lending from the Hawaiian tradition of the Lokahi Triangle. Lokahi means unity & agreement, and the triangle refers to achieving harmony- mentally, physically & spiritually. We’ll be including mental training exercises to encourage focus and  help with visualization. DaKine athletes are leaders- they never follow; we’ve set the standard in hand setting on the beach, across the nation, and we intend to lead our athletes to success, both off and on the sand.

Practice plans will be customized and developed by each training group’s head coach, Club Director Chris Hannemann and Technical Director Greg Vernovage.

Competing is an important part in developing your skills and game strategies. We encourage our Warriors to scrimmage and compete as often as they can, with as many different partners as they can; this helps give context to practice drills and goal setting. In addition to the Friday Queen of the Court scrimmaging, DaKine will be hosting Women’s B/BB tournaments at least once a month;  Starting in January, monthly bid and qualifier events for the following organizations: AAU, AVP America, P1440 and USAV. If you are not sure what tournaments might be appropriate for your athlete’s skill level and experience, feel free to reach out and discuss the available options with DaKine Coaches & Staff.

Dakine Warriors with Lovb

It’s not too late to join us this winter!

Inquire here to get more information about playing options for this winter’s beach academy. Fill out the form attached to the registration and you will receive an email with your athletes placement for a training group and practice days & times.


Beach Coaching From Beach Professionals!

Come learn from our proven coaching staff on a National level. In 2021, Dakine Volleyball Club placed 3rd in the Nation in the BVCA Club Challenge National Championships and 4th in the Nation overall as a club in the AAU Beach Volleyball National Championships! We strive always to provide the absolute best coaching for our athletes and to provide them with the athletic and mental tools to be successful on the sand.

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