I began my volleyball journey about 20 years ago with my husband Michael.  I started out coaching a local elementary school for the 5th and 6th graders.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  Being a mother of 4 children having more kids around me was easy and being a competitive sports minded person, the sport was a great fit for me to coach.  I was also on another path of physical fitness, so as time went on I combined the two and brought my interest of fitness to my volleyball teams.

Through all my years of coaching elementary, high school, and club I have been able to bring my knowledge of the game and the movement of the body into my coaching style. Being a coach, trainer, and parent of volleyball players I know so well the aches and pains of this wonderful sport both mentally and physically.

A little over six years ago Michael was hired by Boeing and we packed up, sold our home “I so loved”, and moved here to Washington with our youngest child in tow.  We have been fortunate enough to pick up where we left off and started coaching again at Kentwood High School, then onto Stanwood High School and ended up in Peninsula High School.


I have been married to my husband Michael, for 32 years. We have 4 wonderful children.

I love being creative. Sewing, painting, and making bead jewelry keeps me busy but my passion is cooking.  I could watch the Food Network 24/7 and love every minute of it.  I love the challenge of new recipes with different ethnic foods, and being able to conquer the impossible. That’s just how I roll; I do this on the court and off. I love to figure out the puzzle and finding a way to win.

Coaching Philosophy

I am a strong supporter of teaching, I believe that everyone can always learn and that there are many ways of doing one thing. As a coach I must find a way to teach my players, and because everyone responds differently, shows me that I must be open to all, to find the right fit for my players. To me it starts with the basics and once that is firmly in place the rest is mental.

Coaching Experience

High School

2002-05    Divine Child HS.         Freshman Coach

2005-09    Divine Child HS          JV Coach , Asst. Varsity

2010         Marian HS                     Freshman Coach

2012-        Kentwood HS                Assistant Varsity JV Coach

Jr. High and Elementary

1998-06    Divine Child Elementary        5th and 6th Coach

7th and 8th Coach


2001          Motor City VB Club               U14’s Assistant Coach

2001-04    Motor City VB Club               Strength & Conditioning Coach

2005          Madonna VB Club                 U14’s Assistant Coach

2006-07    MI Elite VB Club                    U 16’s Boys Head Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

2010        Club Extreme VB Club            16’s National Coach

2011         Huron Valley VB Club             16’s National Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

2011-12    Lake Tapps VB Club               17’s National Assistant Coach

2011-12    Kentwood High School          JV Coach

2013-14    Stanwood High School          Freshman Coach

2014-PR   Peninsula High School          JV Coach

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