We are so thrilled to announce that Steen Copeland will be joining our coaching staff! Steen joins us from Dynasty VB and Club Esprit in Kansas City. He has incredible experience as a player and coach and shares our DaKine ideals of developing well rounded players. Please take a look below to learn more about Steen and who he is.

Please wish him a warm welcome as he joins our Ohana.

My beautiful wife and I have been married for almost 20 years, and we have five amazing children.  Four boys and one beautiful daughter.  I always start off with family because I know it’s the most important thing in my life, I imagine it is in yours, and I know it is one of the things that makes Dakine so special.  We are super excited to join the Dakine family this year for the first year. 
Our family moved to Auburn from Fort Lauderdale, FL this year.  We have moved 11 times as a family and have lived all over the United States.  Our family started in Utah, moved to Oregon, Washington, California, back to Oregon, Orlando, Kansas City, Miami and now here.  Fortunately, we are finished with the moving phase of the career and are excited to finally put down roots. 
That said all the moving allowed me to Coach with some wonderful Coaches of Volleyball.  I was able to Coach a 16’s team for Southside VB in Salem, Oregon.  I coached 10’s and 11’s teams for Dynasty VB in Kansas City, KS and was the Director and a Coach for Club Esprit in Kansas City as well.   I was the Head Men’s Coach for the Utah State University Men’s Club team after Graduating from Utah State University where I had previously played Middle Blocker and Right Side Hitter for Utah State. 
I have been asked what my philosophy and vision is over the years as a coach and leader.  Basically, my goal is to do things so uncommonly well that we achieve success together, the right way, and we do it so well others take notice and either ask how we do it, or if they can join up and do it too.  In that way, we can be a great example to everyone else around us about how to bring together incredibly diverse people with different strengths and opportunities, and create an environment that motivates and allows everyone to become their best.  Wow, that sounds more philosophical than I thought it would after typing it outJ  What I mean when I say by doing it the “right way” is that every decision should be made through the lens of doing what is right for the players, remembering that each and every player matters, and is just as important as everyone else everywhere.  I am a firm believer that if each person realized how important, talented and special they were that we would all treat each other and ourselves different.  I think there is magic in that knowledge.
I am super excited for the upcoming season and couldn’t be more thrilled to be coaching with Coach Sheppard.  It is truly a rare thing to ever have the opportunity to be coached by, or with, a coach of her level of expertise and talent, and to coach for a Club with the values and standards of Dakine.