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The 2018/19 season did not fail to thrill! With our U14/U15 and U17 teams representing our region at Nationals and our U13s opting instead to stay home and focus on beach we had an incredible season and we are hoping to continue to improve upon that! We had some great finishes in some great tourneys but definitely one of the biggest highlights was our U15 team Winning Gold at the Dallas Lone Star Tourney! We are looking to continue to improve and develop in our 2019/20 season!

 We have added some incredible coaches to our lineup from California and Oklahoma and our staff strength and agility coach, Michael Hildebrand who will be guiding EVERY team in our lineup.

We are Warriors. We are Ohana.


About DaKine2019-09-16T19:47:18+00:00

At DaKine Volleyball Club, our coaching staff is focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game of volleyball. Our goal is to compete at the highest levels on a national and a local level. With our Directors Ariana and Chris Hannemann leading and guiding the process, you can be assured that you will be receiving coaching that is specifically geared to the game from the most experienced coaches in the Northwest.

Tournament Schedule2019-09-16T19:54:17+00:00

National Teams will compete in a selection of National Qualifier tournaments and some National level tournaments. The Travel Tournament schedule is currently being finalized. The Schedule that will be finalized when tournament entry opens but the tentative schedule right now is Matt Hartner Memorial (Eugene), Triple Crown (Salt Lake City), Pacific NW Qualifier (Spokane), Lone Star Qualifier (Dallas), West Coast Cup (Long Beach) and Nationals.

All National (Travel) Teams will participate in the Puget Sound Power League, Regionals and the Puget Sound Bid Tournament. All Teams that qualify for Nationals through our local bid tournament or in another Qualifying tournament will compete at USA Nationals.

Last season 3 of our teams achieved a bid in the Puget Sound Region and had a great time at Nationals!

Regional team tournaments will be local, within the state, and no more than 3 hours driving time from Seattle. Regional Teams will participate in the Puget Sound Power League and a selected number of tournaments in the Puget Sound Region. They will attend one tournament out of town in a tournament that is driving distance.

Practice Times2019-09-16T19:53:09+00:00

Practice times will vary by team. At our DaKine, University Place Location, we have two practice times slots that will be used – 4:30pm-7pm and 7pm-9:30pm. Some teams will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and some teams will practice on Monday’s & Wednesdays. Practice times can be found on the team page for each indoor team.

Our Bellevue locations will practice at Jewish Day School on Mondays & Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm and at Salvation Army from 5pm-7pm and 7pm-9pm.

Unlike other clubs our practice times are not at the mercy of High School Schedules. Practice times may vary due to competition schedules and other competitive goals but the overall schedule will be set at the beginning of the season.

DaKine Mission Statement2019-09-16T19:47:53+00:00

“To provide superlative coaching and foster the best possible learning environment indoors, on the beach, or grass. To teach our family of athletes the fundamentals of the game of volleyball, and cultivate the desire in each to compete at the highest level.  We want our athletes to develop the work ethic and discipline it takes to be an elite athlete, along with the importance of sportsmanship. We want to create complete athletes on the court, and even better people off the court.” Aloha

Coaching Credentials and Philosophies2019-09-16T19:57:29+00:00

DaKine coaches believe in a culture of “playing for one another” and our focus is on developing fully rounded athletes and people. Our goal is not only to provide our DaKine athletes the skills to compete indoor and on the beach but also to help develop skills that will help our players become successful in other endeavors in their lives.

DaKine Club’s Competitive Goals2019-09-16T19:55:42+00:00

DaKine Volleyball Club strives to provide our athletes the skills to compete at the highest level. With National Travel, Regional and Development teams our goal is to allow each player the opportunity to compete at a level that is appropriate for them. Our coaches are always working to improve the skills of each individual player and to bring each team together to be the absolute best possible team unit that they can be.

Club Costs and Payment Schedule2017-09-23T16:03:17+00:00

DaKine season tuition costs will cover the coaches’ pay, facility fees and equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, and administration costs.

Parents and players will be responsible for their own travel expenses to and from tournaments.

Once a player and her parents (or financially responsible party) have decided to play for DaKine, they will be required to either;

  1. make a lump sum payment for the entire tuition cost or with a 3% discount.
  2. make an initial deposit and then six (6) equal monthly fixed payments for the remainder of the tuition.
Playing Time2019-09-16T19:54:59+00:00

As with all elite, competitive teams equal playing time across the board is not guaranteed at DaKine. However, we do make every effort to ensure that each player has the opportunity to put their skills to the test in competition. All teams will make every effort to carry 12 players on their roster.  If there are enough players to carry two National Travel Teams we will carry two National Teams with our club.

Our regional teams will carry 12 players on the roster. Again, while equal playing time is not guaranteed we do make every effort to ensure each player contributes to their team at all levels.

“Coaches Coaching Their Own Children” Policy2019-09-17T16:25:23+00:00

Many clubs have parents coaching teams, including their own children. After speaking extensively with many club directors and college coaches across the country we have made the decision that it is in the club’s best interest that parents do not coach their own children on club volleyball teams. While this is different from what we have done in the past we have made the change to reflect what is happening in club volleyball across the country. We will continue to have coaches who have children who play in our club they will not be coaching their children’s team. What is true is that some of our very best coaches have children who play at our club. So yes, we do have parent coaches at DaKine but they do not coach their children’s teams.

Dual Athletes2019-10-06T18:54:39+00:00

DaKine has some players who play both indoor and beach volleyball. It is our policy that any player who makes a commitment to play indoor volleyball shall have that be their #1 priority. Any player who misses an indoor practice or competition because they are competing in a beach event will not be allowed to compete for DaKine in either sport until the end of the indoor season. This includes all team runs to Nationals.

Why DaKine?

U12 – U14 University Place Travel Teams

U12 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Michael Miller Assistant Coach - Joe Holland

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U13 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Kim Lok Asst. Coach - Heidi Oksendahl

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U14 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Rob Higashi Asst' Coach - Alexis Cage

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U14 Ohana (National Travel)

Head Coach - Cameron Borup Asst' Coach - TBD

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U15 – U18 University Place Travel Teams

U15 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Mike Vakerics Assistant Coach - Michelle Vakerics

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U16 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Erik Petersen Asst' Coach - Duane Abad

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U17 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Shauna Sheppard Assistant Coach - Josie Dalrymple

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U18 Surf (National Travel)

Head Coach - Ariana Hannemann Assistant Coach - Steen Copeland

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U12 – U15 University Place Regional Teams

U12 Regional

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U13 Regional

Head Coach - Myra Norman Assistant Coach - Jenny McDonald

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U14 Regional

Head Coach - Alyssa Lear - Assistant Coach - Josie Dalrymple

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Head Coach - Chuck Gaalema Asst. Coach - MayLynn Pinon

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Head Coach - Kim Lok Asst. Coach - Jordan Watson

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Bellevue Travel Teams

U12 Lokahi (National Travel)

Head Coach - Addie Picha

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U14 Lokahi (National Travel)

Head Coach - Noah Cohen Assistant Coach - Megan Kehoe

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U16 Lokahi (National Travel)

Head Coach - Hannah Kyllonen - Assistant Coach - Alyssa Lear

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U18 Lokahi (National Travel)

Head Coach - Jessica Taylor

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