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  • Kyleene Filimaua – Florida State University

    Congratulations to Kyleene Filimaua, who has committed to play both indoor and beach for Florida State University. While Kyleene plays indoor with another club, she has been playing beach with DaKine since she was only 9 years old. Fun Fact - Kyleene was

  • Avi Vetter – Stanford

    A massive congratulations to Avi Vetter as she commits to play beach volleyball for Stanford University. Avi is a unique mix of athlete and scholar - we are excited to see where this journey takes her! Congratulations Avi!

Dakine Indoor Covid-19 Update

Hi All, I wanted to give everyone an update as to where we are all at with indoor for this season. As you know we were working on many different financial models based on different re-opening possibilities as our shut down continues. We have run several different scenarios and are continuing to try to plan for the worst and

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