GREAT weekend at the Relentless Showcase Event in Huntington Beach for Dakine!  All of our teams played great and we had very strong finishes.  Congrats to Maki and Pearl and Alli and Maia for finishing 3rd in Gold U14’s, and Maddy and Megan finishing 5th in Gold 14’s.

Maddy and Maia wound up playing each other in the second round!  It was a fantastic match and Maia and Alli came up with the plays when needed for the 21-19 victory.  Maia and Alli fell in 3 to a very good team from CA.

Maki and Pearl played great and lost a couple close games in their bid to get to the finals.  The team they played were very athletic and when I was discouraged at a stage in the game and vocalized it to Andrew the director as we watched, he gave me a surprised look and said “Bro, I guess you don’t know those two…”  Apparently that was a VERY good squad they were playing but I thought we should have taken them down anyway.  I believe in our girls every game they play!

18’s GOLD! Butters and her partner Sam from Texas 692 squad took a solid 3rd in Gold 18’s as well!  Thanks Coach Josh for working with them all day!  They played great and both Butters/Sam and Scarlet and Holland BOTH won their pools.  Scarlett and Holland hung tough but lost a tough first round match by 3pts…  VERY close.

Maki and Pearl, Maia and Alli, and Maddy and Megan ALL WON THEIR POOLS AS WELL!  Sharli played well in the Silver bracket as did Angela and Hannah!

Ladies, we can play with anyone, when we believe in ourselves we will win the battle.  Coaches are talking ladies, DaKine year round beach is about to begin and we couldn’t be more excited to get this program going!  Thanks to all the parents and every single one of our Dakine coaches that have made this journey possible.  I am so personally so proud of our team, everyone from parents, coaches, Dakine staff, and of course the players deserve a big round of applause for making some seismic waves this past weekend. Making ripples is cool too, but aren’t those big beautiful waves that remove all doubt in ourselves and others way more fun?  Let’s get busy DaKine Ohana, our future is NOW!  Mahalos!