Welcome to Da Kine Beach Club!

The most successful Juniors Beach Volleyball program in the Puget Sound!  Dakine was started at Alki Beach in 2014 as an organization running Beach Volleyball camps.  This morphed quickly into an actual beach club in 2015, and now in 2018 Dakine runs it’s own 8 court combination facility featuring 2 beautiful outdoor beach courts, 3 indoor beach courts, and 3 hard courts in University Place. “Dakine Beach North” is running strong out of Alki Beach, and between the two locations Dakine trained over 200 juniors in the Summer of 2019, and the Winter Beach Club now has grown into a 3 day a week training program at Dakine Sports Center, featuring girls and boys from as far South as OR and as far North as Marysville.

Winter beach seeding will be held on Sunday, Nov 17 at 9am and Saturday, Nov 23 at 8am. You do not need to attend both, please only register and attend one seeding day. Registration is now open.  REGISTER HERE

Winter Beach Club

DaKine’s winter beach club continues to grow by leaps and bounds! With high level, intensive beach training 3 days each week we working hard on the sand to develop the best beach athletes in the country.

You can expect to be trained by the very best beach coaches in the NW.  With current and former professional beach players running the sessions, we pride ourselves in having one of the most knowledgeable and experienced coaching crews in the entire country.  Led by Chris Hannemann, Da Kine uses a proven system of training each and every skill needed to compete on the highest levels.  The winner of numerous Men’s Open championships both domestically and internationally, Chris most recently became the oldest two time winner of the Men’s Open at Seaside and also the Aspen Motherlode.  In conjunction with all the knowledge of our other great beach coaches, Da Kine has come up with the processes and drills every junior needs to advance his or her game to the next level.  No practice is ever the same, no practice is ever boring or stale…  The pace is fast, and learning non stop.

Our proof of concept is the success of our Da Kine Ohana!  Da Kine Warrior Beach Club has many current athletes who have accepted offers to play at various top D-1 Universities across the country! Da Kine Warriors Beach Volleyball Club might have more D-1 volleyball commits than the entire rest of the region both indoor and beach combined!  This is quite an accomplishment and only the beginning!  Our newest younger crop of beach players looks to be every bit as competitive as our committed crew, and just as deep.  If you are looking for your younger son or daughter to train and learn the game of Beach Volleyball at the highest levels, look no further than Da Kine Warriors VBC and take action NOW!

Our Winter Beach Club features a wide range of age and talent levels!  Ages range from 11 to 18, practices run Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.  The club is broken up into skill groups during practices, with some skills done with all players together.  Winter Beach starts December 4th!  Typically the players from the South will attend the Wednesday practices from 6-9pm, and the players from the North will attend Fridays from 6-9, both North and South will come together on Sundays from 9-12, or 1-4 depending on skill level and age.  This split and time change is different from last year, and is needed to accommodate the additional members, and keep the coach ratio high and the appropriate levels together to push each other appropriately.

There is a feeling of Ohana here that you will not find anywhere else.  Everyone pushes each other, encourages each other, and we win or lose together as a team and do it with class and honor!  Whether it’s Summer or Winter Beach programs at Dakine, whether it’s to improve your child’s indoor game or strictly beach, getting your kids on the sand with us and a home run and you’ll never look back.  Remember this…  Training on the Beach will ALWAYS improve your indoor game but the opposite doesn’t quite work out…  So if your child is being told NOT to play beach because it will hurt their indoor game, well it’s time for a new coach my friends!  Come see for yourselves, enjoy the process, experience the Dakine Ohana, and let’s see how far we can go!  Mahalo and hope to see you at the Dakine Beach Courts soon!

The 2019/2020 Dakine Winter Beach “Drop in” status is prioritized for DaKine indoor players only.  Due to numbers we cannot accept drop ins from non- DaKine indoor players moving forward.

Clinics for DaKine players will be offered throughout the year for both beach and indoor disciplines.  These clinics will be closed to all non-affiliated players.

We will continue to have clinics which will be open to all players.


Our beach coaching staff is second to none. Our coaches have played in over 160 AVP AND FIVB beach volleyball tournaments between them AND more than 40 International Beach Tournaments. Not to mention Division 1 Beach Volleyball Head Coaching experience There is no better group of beach coaches in this region to help guide your athlete to excellence on the beach.

30 International Beach Volleyball Tournaments
155 AVP Tournaments Played
4 FIVB Tournaments
1 Norceca Tournament
  • 1989 Australia Nescafe Pro Tour Champion
  • 1993 FIVB Canary Islands Master Pro tour Champion
  • 1994 South African Liquifruit Pro tour Champion
  • 13 time EVA Molson Golden Pro Tour Event Champion
  • 2003 and 2004 Motherlode Men’s Open Champion
  • 2003 and 2004 Men’s Seaside Open Champion
  • 2013 Kauai Dinosaur Men’s Champion
Chris Hannemann
Chris HannemannHead Coach
Erik Peterson
Erik PetersonCoach
Brett Ryan
Brett RyanCoach
Dani Jacobson
Dani JacobsonCoach
Rob Higashi
Rob HigashiCoach