Hello everyone, I wanted to reach out and give you all an update on happenings going on in the Junior and Collegiate beach world.   I am currently a JVA Beach Rep as well, and the other National reps and I have been speaking regularly about the possibilities moving forward.  Here is what I know at this point.

We at Dakine and all other clubs in the country are all shuttered as you know.  Having one of the largest beach clubs in the country, we are constantly speaking with other club directors for updated information to pass along.  Some clubs/regions are opening up as soon as next week. What this means, what mistakes they make or what and how they do it right, we will pass along and use here when we go into Phase 1 of economic recovery.


Collegiate Beach Recruiting Dead period until May 31st earliest.  D-2 has suspended recruiting to June 15th.

2020 Collegiate Beach Athletes can get their year back. Teams are allowed to go over the 6 scholarships and 14 headcount of athletes. The Schools have to commit to funding!  I believe University of Wisconsin has announced they will not pay for another year for Spring Sport seniors there.  This could cause a ripple effect.

Incoming Freshman will keep their deals even though seniors may return for another season.  They must have signed their NLI and Financial Aid agreement and they are locked in.

All College camps have been postponed until June earliest…. At each States mercy to open back up and parameters.

Hints for recruiting if you are a 2020-

Add a photo of yourself on your email so the coaches can put a face with a name.

Send video if you can.

Ask for a virtual tour if available since all facilities are locked up.

Things to remember-

Walk-ons still cost universities money i.e. uniforms, travel etc.

Less schools may be looking for 2020 seniors.


If submitting a video, talk about what you are doing now to keep touches going, in the title of your email include your class in the title!  Include a head shot.

Remember communication is limited by NCAA rules so STAY patient with the coaches to get back to you!  Do not give up if you don’t hear back immediately.

Plans for Juniors Summer Beach 2020-

National Beach Championships-

Plans for the big events in SOCAL in July are all on hold.  Many are saying there is a very good chance those events might not happen. These include the P1440 Championships, AAU Nationals and JO’s, BVCA Championship and AVP First Championships.  To be ready for these cancellations, we have planned for a big albeit shorter Summer of great events right here in the NW.  Again, there are some big announcements from the CA Governor and Mayor soon and we will have updates on the Dakine website.


HP Beach- The Region has moved the HP Tryouts to Friday May 29th at Dakine Sports Center, and the Boys BNQ to 6/19.  Still get your videos into the USA HP office for additional consideration and especially if the regional try out has to be cancelled…

I can’t speak with the other beach clubs in the region, but for Dakine we are patiently waiting for the Governor to open up the economy and give us our new guidelines to operate. Currently if Phase one were to happen, groups of 10 or less would be allowed, but ALSO with Social Distancing.  What would this mean?  Here are some possibilities-

  • Immaculate record of attendance at gym to help with tracing if needed
  • The same group of 6 players always practice together. This will make virus tracing very easy if needed.
  • Temps taken at the door, 100 degrees and no entry
  • Social distancing practiced on the court at all times
  • Possibly coaches and players wearing masks and coaches with gloves
  • 10 balls max per court, cleaned after each session
  • No touching of faces
  • Hand sanitizer courtside
  • All this with the assumption that our region would have enough tests to immediately test and find out who is Ill and our ability to trace contacts immediately.

Until more information comes to us pertaining to Gym parameters, these examples above are simply assumptions on how we will safely move forward with the focus on safety and health for all.  We are being hopeful that Phase one will begin in the middle of May.  This is just a hunch with zero information coming from Governor Inslee’s office on this.  Our State is moving in the right direction, and we should continue to have a decrease in cases which would activate the Phase 1 re-opening.

Dakine will be producing Juniors and Adult tournaments and camps as soon as Phase one is started.  There will be a ton of events at Dakine Sports Facility in Tacoma at and Alki Beach.  Just check out our schedule on our website at www.dakinevc.com.

In addition to our regular club and camp programming, Dakine has 3 new scheduled beach club Collegiate format challenges-

  • June 27th and 28th in Salem OR
  • July 11th and 12th at Alki Beach
  • July 31st, August 1st and 2nd at Browns Courts in Spokane

These 3 events will feature a Division 1 and 2 collegiate format divisions as well as a regular tournament.  3 teams per squad, squads play matches, and in each round whatever club squad wins 2 out of 3 wins the round.  Great way to learn to play as a team and in the format used in College competition. The Spokane event will also feature a recruiting Showcase with Coaches from Cal Poly, Long Beach State, HBU, University of Arizona and Boise State to name a few of the confirmations.  This of course may change depending on the NCAA guidelines for the Summer, but this event is on the schedule unless recruiting guidelines are changed!

Things will change and we must be ready to adjust appropriately!  We will do everything we can to open as soon as possible!  We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Much Aloha to all,

Coach Chris