With Sam’s hard work, commitment and incredible work ethic it is no surprise that she committed verbally University of Puget Sound Logger! The other part of Sam that has been an incredible thing to see as a coach is how she has taken on the responsibility of being a role model to our younger athletes. When we were in Hermosa Beach this summer Sam came to us and offered to help with coaching and supporting our younger U12 athletes during competition instead of going and touring and visiting the sights. Her enthusiasm and support of our younger athletes meant more to them (and her coaches) than I think she ever realized. That is just the kind of player Sam is. She will always support her team no matter what.

Nobody outworks Sam and nobody takes the input that her coaches give her and puts it to work better than she does. It’s been an absolute joy for us to be a part of her volleyball development over the past two years.

Congratulations Sam! We are so proud of you and look forward to cheering you on in your University of Puget Sound Logger career!