Indoor Coaching

DaKine is blowing up. The demand for coaches is through the roof! Do you have what it takes to become a leader in coaching? Whether you are interested in learning and developing your coaching skills or if you are a seasoned coach with a successful track record behind you  The Da Kine Warriors club is a great place to coach.

With our own indoor and sand facility boasting 3 indoor hard courts, 3 indoor beach courts, 2 outdoor sand courts, personal training areas and more – we have the facilities necessary for indoor teams to grow and thrive.

Our National teams are seeing incredible success in only one year and we look forward to continuing to develop our teams to be competitive with the top Open Juniors teams from across the country. Our goal for our Open teams is not to win in our region but to be competitive with the top teams in the country.

Our Regional teams will be selected with an eye towards growth for players who want to play at the highest levels possible. These teams will also be highly focused on players who are driven towards excellence but perhaps need a year or two to develop to play at that next level.

As for coaches we have hosted many coaches at DaKine just over the past 6 months to help our coaches grow and develop. We are constantly learning and are looking for dynamic coaches who are ready to take their coaching “game” to the next level. Are you up to the challenge? Email us at with your resume or call (206) 949-9137 to learn more about opportunities available!