Welcome to Volley Fest! A tournament that had been in been in the works pre-Covid. As we approach Phase 3 we have high hopes that we will enter Phase 4 in time for Volley Fest at Chambers Bay but we do so with caution in mind. We have opened registration for this event but we will NOT be collecting entry fees. If and when we are cleared we will ask those who have registered to pay their registration fees. Registration will be offered to those who join the registration for each division first. We may find ourselves in a position where we have smaller numbers of teams for each division with significant social distancing. For that reason we recommend getting registered early. Getting on the list is free and reserves your spot.

We hope to have the opportunity to bring Volley Fest to Chambers Bay in 2020. This will depend on safety, social distancing and all of our community being pro-active about staying healthy and safe!

Registration is now open!

Youth Friday, August 14th Divisions

High School 6s

Women Friday, August 14th Divisions

Women’s Masters 40+
Women’s Masters 50+
Women’s Masters 60+

Men Friday, August 14th Divisions

Men’s Masters 40+
Men’s Masters 50+
Men’s Masters 60+

Adult Saturday, August 15th Divisions

Reverse Coed Open
Reverse Coed A
Reverse Coed Novice

Junior Girls Saturday, August 15th Divisions

U12 Girls
U14 Girls
U16 Girls

Junior Boys Saturday, August 15th Divisions

U14 Boys
U16 Boys
U18 Boys

6 x 6s Sunday, August 16th Divisions

Adult Corporate 6s
Adult 6s
Family 6s

Adult 4s Sunday, August 16th Divisions

Adult 4s Rev Coed Open
Adult 4s Rev Coed A
Adult 4s Rev Coed Novice

Juniors 4s Sunday, August 16th Divisions

Juniors 4s U12
Juniors 4s U14
Juniors 4s U16
Juniors Fours Rev Coed Advance
Juniors Fours Rev Coed Int/Beg