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Seaside Results

Seaside 2017. It was an incredible tournament for DaKine Volleyball Club! Our players excelled at every level and it was so

Seaside Results 2017-08-25T18:06:04+00:00

Tournament Formats- My Two Cents

We recently had a VERY successful DaKine Beach Club outing this weekend at Alki Beach in the AVA Juniors tournament.  Taking 1st

Tournament Formats- My Two Cents 2017-02-09T18:13:51+00:00

Bettering the Ball

You will likely hear DaKine beach volleyball coaches talking a LOT about bettering the ball. Bettering the ball is one of the

Bettering the Ball 2017-02-09T18:13:51+00:00

Canadian Women win first FIVB Title! FIVB China update... Kerri and April take 3rd in China... But on the bright side, the Canadian's win it! First win

Canadian Women win first FIVB Title! 2015-04-26T15:42:09+00:00

Volleyball IQ???

When talking "Vollyeball IQ", Coaches are looking for players that understand the overall ebb and flow of the game. When the chips

Volleyball IQ??? 2015-04-24T16:24:59+00:00

Improve Your Indoor Game!

Did you know that playing Beach/Sand Volleyball will greatly improve your indoor game?  If you want to improve you quickness, your jump,

Improve Your Indoor Game! 2015-04-24T15:51:10+00:00

Why Play Beach Volleyball Now?

The recent surge throughout the US can certainly be attributed to the NCAA approving Women’s beach volleyball as an official championship sport

Why Play Beach Volleyball Now? 2015-04-21T23:33:54+00:00