Get Prepared for Camp!

Are you ready? We are! We are excited about getting started for our week of DaKine Beach Volleyball Camp! Please take a minute to review some of the information below to make sure you are fully prepared for camp! First off a couple of things…

  1.  Camp is on rain or shine. Of course if there is any lightning or if it is raining too hard to even play we will stay off the beach. But beach volleyball is played rain or shine…teams who can handle all elements are often the most successful!
  2. PLEASE be sure to inform us if your son or daughter has ANY health or medical issues that we should be aware of. If we are aware of any issues as coaches we can keep a watchful eye to help make sure your child is not overdoing it.
  3. If you need to miss a session for any reason PLEASE let us know. We take role call and if we do not have a player with us who is supposed to be with us we need to track them down. This takes our time away from the rest of our athletes.
  4. Bathroom breaks are supervised and we go to the bathrooms in a group with an adult present.

Camp Checklist

  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Clean, dry clothes to change into
  • Sandsocks (We will have sand socks on hand for purchase for $25/pair)
  • Sunglasses (Please no wire glasses!!)
  • Sunscreeen
  • Lunch
  • Snacks

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