As we start this 2018 beach season, I am super excited at how strong our Dakine beach teams are in both the North and South.  The girls have come so far, yet have so far yet to go…  As a program we are always changing how we train our kids, changing focus on skill sets, theory, and how to implement based on what is happening on a domestic and global stage within the sport and particularly what University coaches are looking for their next star recruits.  We have proven to the players in CA that their northern neighbors in WA State can ball with anyone on any beach.

It’s exciting that even though we have been at it for 3 years now, I feel like we have just started this journey, just finding our feet under us, but we can clearly see the what we need to do to put the next Collegiate Beach All Americans and eventual Pros in the sand.

Loving all our coaches both old and new at Dakine, our Coaching Ohana across the country, and can’t wait to implement all the new ideas and methods from our coaching collective. For all of you that are a part of this Journey, both parents and players, welcome and enjoy!  This will be our best Season yet, and will be a launch pad for our Athletes greatest successes for years to come!

Mahalos!  Coach Chris