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About Dakine Beach Volleyball Camps

About Dakine Beach Volleyball Camps 2017-02-09T18:13:51+00:00

Beach Volleyball Camp Details

Your intensive 4 days of beach volleyball training will include focus on each skill required to be a successful all around beach volleyball player. Days 1, 2 and 3 we will concentrate on offense, defense, setting, serving and serve receive skills. On the 4th day we will review our skills and bring it all together in a Queen/King of the beach tournament!

The Seaside Prep Week we will take a different approach. Camp will run from Monday through Wednesday  and we recommend that you register with the partner you will be playing with at Seaside. The focus of this week will be to prepare you and your partner to work together using your particular strengths and weaknesses to help you reach your maximum potential from the Seaside experience.

Each camp session runs from Monday through Thursday from 9:00 – 1:00. We will be holding camps on the following dates.

June 29-July 2 – Gig Harbor
July 6 – 9 – Alki Beach #1
July 27 – 30 – Alki Beach #2
August 3 – 5 – Jetty Island (3 Day Seaside Prep Camp)
August 17 – 20 – Alki Beach #3

What to Bring
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather
  • Comfortable clothing suitable for cold/rainy weather
  • Extra set of sweats
  • Healthy snacks & lunch
  • Sunglasses
June 29-July 2 – Gig Harbor
July 6 – 9 – Alki Beach #1
July 27 – 30 – Alki Beach #2
August 3 – 5 – Jetty Island (3 Day Seaside Prep Camp)
August 17 – 20 – Alki Beach #3

Please ensure that campers are at the camp location and ready to play by 8:45. Training begins at 9:00.

About Dakine Beach Volleyball Club

Dakine Beach Volleyball Camps is a concept that has been way over due in the Pacific NW.  Camp founders Joe Baleto and Chris Hannemann have storied playing and coaching beach volleyball credentials, arguably the most respected and influential in the NW.  Together, they have combined their 30 plus years of beach volleyball knowledge and formed Dakine in 2015.  The goal of Dakine is to give both youth and adult beach players the coaching and skills to rise above the rest!

Day Camps

Our youth day camps will consist of 4 days of training, 4 hours a day.  Just enough before exhaustion sets in, and just enough to want more!  All aspects of the game will be covered and taught in detail, and all participants will be broken down by skill level so everyone is on a level playing field.  This results in a more cohesive court dynamic and easier for each coach to focus on what each particular group needs to focus on.

Evening Camps

Our night camps are focused more on the advanced beach players.  With less time per night (3 hours per) we would like to focus less on basic skills and more on conceptually understanding what it takes to win, and how to get there.  We use one court, and explain advanced techniques and skills such as transitional reaction, reading your opposition, blocking schemes,  making plays, and how to use the elements to your advantage.  These sessions are limited to 10 campers only per two week session so sign up early and please keep checking the website as the camps sell out.

Beach volleyball is one of the most social games to play in the world.  Active participants ages range from 7 to 70!   It’s easy to find players of your particular skill level, and with everyone on the same level, you can easily play all day on the sand on the weekends or summer days and there are rarely injuries.   There really isn’t any sport like it in terms of lifestyle and well being.  We believe Beach volleyball is the greatest sport on the planet, and we know the staff at Dakine Beach Volleyball Camps can turn you into a DAKINE BEACH WARRIOR!

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