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AVP First – HP Tryouts in Dockweiler

Another fantastic weekend in the books for DaKine Beach Volleyballers!

AVP First

DaKine hosted our third AVP First tournament this weekend. With many players out of town for the HP Tryouts in Dockweiler Beach in California we still saw great numbers of teams. Our DaKine Athletes performed incredibly over the weekend, winning the top three spots in three different divisions! Take a look at some of the results…

1st – Danielle Brown/Brooklyn Helle
2nd – Natalie Piasecki/Briana (Breezy) Dodson
3rd – Peyton Ensign/Reese Sheppard

1st – Sophia Sheppard/Anika Christensen
3rd – Danielle Brown/Brooklyn Helle
3rd – Keeley Santillan & Partner

1st – 
Avi Vetter/Aris Vetter
2nd – Olivia Morgan/Logan Scully
3rd – Jensen Kaelin/Maki Bispham
3rd – Abigail May/Sarah Maginnis

1st – 
Maddy Butters/Maia Nichols
2nd – Jensen Kaelin/Avi Vetter
3rd – Taylor Helle/Partner
3rd – Aris Vetter/Vivian Kaelin

HP Tryouts at Dockweiler Beach

While the girls were working hard at DaKine, many of our athletes traveled down to Dockweiler Beach to attend the HP Tryouts for A1, A2 & A3 consideration. DaKine was well represented in all divisions and we are proud of all of our athletes who participated! The following players traveled down to participate!

Allison Bush
Sasha Dandridge
Kyleene Filimaua
Bailey Showalter
Rebecca DePencier
Maiya Gonzalez
Holland Jackson
Angela Hsu
Elizabeth Anderson
Maddy Nichols
Alli Hansen