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Come join us at DaKine Sports Center to qualify for the AVP First National Championships in Hermosa Beach, California! The U16 tournament will be run as the first wave of the first day of competition on Sunday, May 20th at 8am. Please note 7:30am check in!

Please note that all players must be members of AVP. Membership will be requested and verified prior to tournament.

U16 – Sunday, May 20th (MORNING WAVE)
Please check in at 7:30am – play starts at 8am.

There are different ways to qualify for the AVP First National Championships.
1. Previous year medalists
2. Win a bid at 1 of 4 AVPFirst Zonal Championship Events
3. Win a bid at 1 of 4 AVP Gold Events
4. Zonal Qualification (Northwest, 6 Bids)

Best 4-6 finishes within their zone, combined with partner.

Pacific and Northwest AVPFirst Zonal Qualification (7/15/17 – 7/9/18)

AVPFirst National Club Championships

The AVP FIRST NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be played at Hermosa Beach, CA.
July 24 – 29, 2018