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2017 DaKine Local Training Beach Team

We are so happy to offer your athlete a spot on the DaKine Local Training Beach Team! After 8 days of tryouts and over 100 players trying out we have been able to select and offer your athlete a position with our DaKine Local Training Team. To be considered for this team your athlete must be able to perform the basic skills necessary to take part on the beach and the proficiency necessary to be able to take part in all of our drills and workouts on the sand.

We had many very difficult decisions made in selecting players who will be able to compete in our local training sessions this summer. We hope that you will accept our offer and take part in our very exciting upcoming beach volleyball season!

We have a LOT of information to share with you. Please take a moment to read through the attached information and please don’t forget to read through out Player/Parent Agreement as well as our DaKine Beach Team Club Handbook. These pdfs were sent to you in our invitation email.

We will be having a fun day of signing, beach volleyball and fun at the DaKine Sports Center on Saturday, April 15th from 1:30pm-3:30pm for the NORTH LOCAL TEAM. We will then meet with the SOUTH LOCAL TEAM on April 15th from 4pm-6pm. The indoor beach courts will be open for free play and we will sign, accept deposits and talk about what to expect this season.  We know how busy everybody is and if you cannot make the timeframe outlined for your team – please know that you may accept our offer for the Local Team by signing the Player/Parent Agreement as well as reading our DaKine Beach Team Club Handbook and signing the agreement for Parent and Player Code of Ethics and Behavior. The deposit to take part in the DaKine Elite Beach Team is $300 per player.

If you cannot make the signing meeting on April 1th – offers and Paperwork can be sent with the Deposit check to

8423 Tillicum Road SW
Seattle, WA 98136

Practice Times:

DaKine Local Practice Times begin the week of April 17, 2017. The practice times are outlined below. You will have a chance on the form below to let us know what practice time works best for you. The practice times between April 17 and June 23 will be offered twice a week and your athlete will select ONE day to practice each week.

DaKine Elite North:

Wednesdays – Alki Beach – 5pm-6:30pm
Thursdays – Alki Beach – 5pm – 6:30pm

DaKine Elite South:

Wednesdays – DaKine Sports Center – 5pm-6:30pm
Thursdays – DaKine Sports Center – 5pm – 6:30pm


There are many regional tournaments in the Puget Sound Region throughout the 2017 Summer Season. DaKine will be hosting a number of tournaments and we will also help you find the right tournaments and competition for you to take part in throughout the summer. Partnerships within the local club are typically made up between parents and athletes but remember we are always happy to help you find the right partnership for your athlete.

Cost: $1500 –
The cost of this training covers coaches, equipment and a 5 piece team uniform.

Please take a moment to fill out the attached form to let us know if you accept our offer and if you will be attending our April 15th team meeting.

We are SO EXCITED about this season! We hope you join us and are ready to learn a TON this summer!
The DaKine Beach Coaching Team


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